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What some of our supporters are saying:

Whether it be former well known NBA players, their college playing or college or pro bound children, experienced basketball minds and organizations, or those just starting out and new to the game, and playing for their own unique purpose – and everything and everyone in between – from parents and grandparents, guardians, siblings, fellow observing or instructing coaches, and more

Game Time Basketball Camps provides inspiration and empowerment to all they serve in an ever-engaging and evolving process of player and personal improvement from toddlers on up.

Here are some of our exceptional Testimonials:

“Hope all is well.   Thank you again for the camp.  It’s taken my son’s game to the next level.  A few weeks after your camp he attended the BYU camp and won MVP of his age group –  directly related to what he learned from you!  His ball handling skills improved immensely.”  “ Coach Gil is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Thurl Bailey, former 17 year NBA/Pro Player, NCAA Champion, President, Retired NBA Player’s Assn, Analyst Utah Jazz


”Coach Gil, keep up the great work. Thank you again. Be Blessed… Mark J.” —

 Mark Jackson – Pastor, 17 year NBA veteran, ABC & ESPN analyst


“Coach Trey’s training style is focused on efficiency on the court and versatility.  He gets the most out of what you have while building and improving skills in all areas daily in order to be competitive in a game setting.  Coach Trey teaches the mental and physical aspects of the game that will undoubtedly take your skills to the next level.”

Ian Douglas – 20 year old student-athlete, Fullerton Junior College

Coach is simply one of the very best I have even seen.  I’ve been to, been involved with, or observed a LOT of camps, so that’s saying something!

Harold Pressley

Founder and Executive Director “Treat ‘em Like a King”

NCAA Division 1 National Champion Villanova Wildcats and

Former NBA and Euro League Player


“Coach Gil does a phenomenal job engaging with the kids, the best I’ve seen around.”

Coach Curt Pickering – 25 year resident, Head Coach Santa Barbara Breakers, 35 year veteran coach, Director Court of Champions, Scout Indiana Pacers


I found Coach to be extremely passionate about teaching the game of basketball.  He exhibited all the key characteristics that make a coach successful.  He is a great communicator as well as a great listener.  I liked the way he handled the kids in both winning and losing situations.  He saw both scenarios as an opportunity to teach the youngsters about respecting their opponents and dealing with adversity.  Above all else, Coach was clearly excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity.  He took great pride in his preparation going into each day of the camp.  He organized his thoughts and outlined his teaching points.  He was very professional in every facet of his job.

Sincerely, Jeff Dunlap, UCLA Basketball team/Class of 1986, 25 year veteran of college basketball ranks


“Hi Coach!  Just wanted you to know, All 3 of my children show more confidence during real league games played during the camp session.

On those evenings during actual competitive games, some of the drills taught were actually used. I witnessed a spin move that was never used before.

Moves that had been used before became more fluid.”

Mother of 3 daughters (ages 11, 12 and 14)


Coach Gil does a fantastic job with the kids, and has done a fine job helping as a guest lead clinician for some of our youth basketball clinics.  He has even helped choreograph some of the footage for our program videos and related commercials.  His contributions have been greatly appreciated.”

Jay Demings – Youth Development Program Director, USA Basketball


The LA Runners would like to thank Coach for coming to our practice to conduct a short clinic to help train our players.  The skills drills (focusing on ball handling, shooting and passing) were wonderful.  They were both challenging and fun and the players enjoyed the workout.

I personally recommend Coach for team training, and one on one training workouts which I have seen him also do.  Due to the success of this past clinic, we have asked Coach to conduct another clinic this coming week and we look forward to it!  Thanks a lot.”

Coach Bill, LA Runners AAU traveling Team

Crenshaw Family YMCA, Los Angeles, CA,(team clinic for 15 youngsters, aged 11-14.)


Just wanted to thank Coach TJ and his guys. My daughter, Mary, went to her first camp this week. The difference I saw at her game tonight was amazing. She knew what to do as soon as she got the ball, she didn’t panic, she passed and threw and it was great. The coaches were amazed at how her skill leveled improved in just a week. Thank you again for all the great work and she will definitely be back for the next camp in Anaheim.

Mother of daughter, age 8


There is nothing that Coach G misses. His ball-handling drills are quick, precise and demanding. His understanding of shooting technique, hand placement, follow through and quickness of release produced desired results that other coaches could not for over two years. Coach G has some very unique and demanding drills for shooters off the ball. What I liked most was that Coach G played right alongside my son during games and drills. He was always talking, correcting and coaxing the best out of him. After each session Coach threw in added cardio and cool down to demand the last bit of energy he could draw from my son.

I would recommend Coach G to any parent who wants to see their child climb to the next level. We intend to hire him for additional sessions at the end of summer and attend his camps just so my son can soak up Coach’s enthusiasm and drive. Thank you coach.

Elliot Bennett, Father of 17 year old varsity all league player

13 years varsity head coaching experience, 20 years of coaching national AAU teams. 


“My son is currently in your Sacramento camp this week and loves it. I have spoken to Trey, the lead coach and told him that this was by far the best basketball camp that I have ever seen. I really like the drills that they work with on with my son.”

Father of son age 9


Hey Coach,

Thanks again for coming out here for the team clinic, the girls had a blast and learned a lot.

-Mitch, Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Rancho Verde High School


“My son has learned to handle the basketball a lot better and he is getting in better physical condition and that is the most important part to me as a parent. I enjoy the structured workouts and it is proven effective because the kids enjoy coming to learn more about basketball. You ‘coach’ are the key, it’s your movements that motivate the children.  I believe you are doing a wonderful job as it is.  Why change success?  I truly appreciate your working with the children. Continue until you can’t anymore.”
Father of son, age 12 


Ty and Courtney had an amazing experience at your Ball handling/Shooting camp.   They are both elite (final 8 in the state team) players and often find camps too simple/repetitive regarding beginning skills.  That was not the case..   The NBA level coaches worked one on one with them and showed them moves they had never seen.   Ty was surprised about the new information and moves that were shared/taught/shown since she has been in basketball for several and attended numerous camps.   She felt she was being given secrets no other coach has shared/knows.   Your coaches understand the game differently because they have played at such high levels.   The one on one time was amazing – thank you Coach Gil, Jamar, Dave, Trey and all your staff!

Mom of two 16 year old girls, (final 8 in the State of California CIF Champions)                        


Coach G has helped me improve my game.   He has taught me to have hustle, a strong work ethic, and he has helped my jump shot.   The drills are a combination of skill and conditioning.  I am now more assertive in games and make my shots more because we practice at game speed.   My ball handling skills have also gotten better and my mental toughness.   Thanks Coach.”

Dion, Age 18,

Baldwin Hills, CA (College bound player)


Hello Coach,

Susan would love to return for the Summer Camp as well. I know it is a longer period. Susan is slow at learning, takes her a few times, but when she gets it, she is amazing. Practicing is something she needs to work on and not just do it at camp. I noticed she can run very fast, not much stamina, but she flies when she goes. I am hoping these skills will build her confidence and really make her a player. She wants to learn and is very competitive, we just have to let her be the tiger she is inside. So hard with the terrible heartbreak of losing a father to cancer and a mother who yearns for her so far away and she for her. I wish she is always part of your camp. I saw her light up in a way I have never seen before. She has also been very verbal on the subject where with ballet she is more on the quite side. I pray for a dream life for her as she is the most loving child I have ever known. I am trying to build work ethics and still keep her happy heart alive. Thank you Coach, for giving her a dream this week and she does indeed look forward to seeing you again. Now it is Coach this and Coach said this. Very great. I will look at the Staples Center. I know late August works in Calabasas. God Bless you and your camp. Thank you for the amazing job and giving Susan a chance.

Kind regards – Joyce and John – Adoptive Parents of 10 year old Susan from Thailand


My name is Ray DeLaurentis and I coach an 8th Grade boy’s basketball team in the Agoura Youth league. I have been using Coach G to work with my players for 3 weeks now and he is truly remarkable.

His focus is relentless. He somehow manages to pack what seems like 3 hours of drills and information into a single hour.

His knowledge of the game is boundless: from defense, to rebounding, to shooting, to screening and cutting – you name it – he can teach it- seemingly to any kid.

His passion for the game is amazing. You can tell he loves what he does and his energy and enthusiasm rub off on the kids instantly.

Most importantly, the results he achieves are beyond question. Before Coach G started with my team we were 0 and 1. After one week we won our first game. Since then, our team has won two more games by an average of 20 points – with most of our starters resting for the last 4 minutes of the game.

I have had winning teams every year I’ve coached, but the one thing I could never get my players to do is move and cut consistently and effectively without the ball. After one session with Coach G (and without installing a single set play) my kids were slicing up the court: settings picks, rolling to open spots on the court and making beautiful assists. They were playing so well that the refs were actually complimenting them.

All I can say… is that if you want your players to improve fast while learning to become a better coach yourself…Coach G is worth hiring – at any price!

Ray – 8th Grade Boys – Agoura Youth Basketball


“I’d like to thank Coach Gil, he’s played with and coached me since back in the days we were on the Inglewood Cobras of the ABA.  He helped a lot today, kept me focused on my strengths.”  (on his winning regional qualifying round)

Tarron Williams – Journeyman Professional Player and eventual Redbull King of the Rock 2013 Worldwide 1 on 1 basketball Champion


Coach is a master.  There is no one else that I’ve seen do it better working with and engaging the kids.

Nick Ansom, Owner and Founder of the World-Renowned Venice Basketball League –